Good Graphics

On-Going Print and Digital Experiments.

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Good Graphics is a series of Print and Digital Experiments. Using code I explore research in a growing list of areas such as: Computational Graphic Design, Generative Art, Novel Fabrication Workflows and General Software Mishegas. If you want to support this project, consider buying a print, becoming a patron, or following along on a social channel!
-Mello Good

Social Channels

Good Graphics uses a variety of social platforms for you to follow along and engage with. Each channel is a little different. The Newsletter is a weekly dispatch about software, new experiments and various stream of conscious thoughts. The Instagram and Pinterest serve as static galleries for you to browse and view Graphics. TikTok is an ideallic place to watch soothing Pen-Plotter timelapses. Twitter (my favorite) is an interactive playground with various ways to add tweets to the feed. See which one works for you!