Good Graphics is the artistic practice of Romello Goodman. Using code I explore the link between computation and creativity through the practices of Graphic Design and Print Making.

I primarily focus on using computation to better understand principles of Good Design. Additionally, I use Generative Art techniques to export my art into a variety of formats, digital mediums and physical goods. All of this serves the purpose of creating a modern artistic practice that is dynamic in both digital and physical forms.


I am currently using Patreon to create a sustainable artistic practice. Members receive 1 of 1 Generative designs each month. Become a Member.

Newsletter & Social Channels

Pick from a variety of social platforms to follow along and engage with. Each channel is a little different. Instagram serves as a gallery for you to browse and view Graphics. TikTok is an ideallic place to watch soothing Pen-Plotter timelapses. Twitter (my favorite) is an interactive playground with various ways to add tweets to the feed. See which one works for you! Subscribe to the Good Graphics Newsletter. It's a weekly dispatch about software, experiments and various stream of conscious thoughts. Featured Posts: